'I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of old ones.'

John Cage 

Automation = Work of people

Each person is unique! And that is what it is with organizations. Therefore, each project is different, custom tailored to your people and your organization. Software is a means, not the goal in it selves. Microsoft Dynamics NAV subscribes to this philosophy. Over 35,000 SMEs use Microsoft Dynamics NAV every day. It is a powerful business and ERP application that has many standard features, and is easy to adapt to your specific needs. And that makes Dynamics NAV unique!


The role of Magium in your project (s) can be both supportive and leading. The approach of Magium is always practical, the method is sound. The ambition of Magium is to optimize your business processes and make them more efficient, with the ultimate goal of people in your organization working better and more comfortable.


The logo of Magium arose from the letters ICT. The figure represents an active and vigorous person, supported by Magium.