'Two roads diverged in a wood, And I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.'

Craig Martin


The person behind Magium is Maarten Gerritsen. Maarten was raised on a farm in the Achterhoek. There he enjoyed freedom, and he also learned what it means to work and have responsibility. On his 18th he moved to Wageningen to study Agricultural Engineering. After that, he broadened his horizons by travelling into the world. After experience in various employments, he found himself in the IT: ERP in particular. The combination of working with people and technology is what fascinates him. Moreover, it clonnected well with the theoretical knowledge he had gained during his studies. Since 2001 Maarten is working with Navision. From 2007, he does so as self-employed under the name of Magium. Magium is an acronym of Maarten Gerritsen and Officium. That's Latin for service.

With his broad background and practical attitude Maarten can quickly acclimatize in varying environments. His focus is service and quality oriented. His approach can be characterized as: listening, thinking, doing. In recent years he has extensive experience in various industries, in both small and medium businesses, individually and in teams. With this background and his skills and interests he can and wants to work in projects together with clients, end users and other specialists. It gives him satisfaction to work together with others on the same goals. Motivating each other and learning from each other is important to him.

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